A Smooth Transition

  Hello everyone that has been reading the blog and the ones that were patient to wait. My previous blog post smoke of Why Me? Today I would like to speak about a more positive occurrence that has happened! My wife and I have moved across the country and it was a beautiful drive. There were many experiences we were happy to see and others that gave us more of a lesson. But at last we were finally able to move on from the past that held a blanket over us. The farther we got away it seemed the happier we got! We got to flood the bad memories with memories of love and adventure. We were able to relax for once and think about future plans and ideas. But of course the time we had enjoyed had to turn back into our goals and hard work to keep things going forward. We moved into our new place and are now thriving and slowly becoming stress free. Instead of feeling like people with an agreement it feels like we’re a team, or a strong partnership. Finally getting to the point where we are building each other up instead of repairing foundations gives us hope and drive to continue to grow. Now enough talk about my world! For all of you that are struggling, or have struggled. There is always gonna be a time when you are able to come out of that hardship, and when that comes you have to grab it and not let it go. Whether it be moving away from it or standing up against it, or learning how to use memories of good to just flood the bad out you are all capable of doing it. Everyone reading this is special and driven in your own way. Once you figure it out, anything you want to achieve is there! You just have to be willing to put the work in no matter how hard it gets. Continue to be yourselves everybody, and all your hardships will start to leave with a smooth transition.

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