Why Me?

 Have you ever wondered why nothing is going your way? You feel like everything you try to do just isn’t working. Well if you have, then you understand struggle and hardship. In life these moments happen, sometimes more often than we want them to. I know they happen to me, whether it’s job related or relationship related I seem to run into instances where I think, “Why Me?” Because when I look around it feels like no one is going through problems at all except me. But then I remember something a mentor of mine told me when I was a senior in high school, “Everyone is either at the beginning, half-way point, or just finished going through their own problem.” With that  information it helped realize that I wasn’t ever really alone in my life to talk to people about things. For example, my wife and I always stress about our health, because we have our own personal goals of what health we want to be at. Well we didn’t know both of us stressed out about it until we sat down and had a long talk about our daily stressors. Now that might have been the only stressor that we both had that came together, but that is something we can relate and talk about and work with. So remember that if you are facing problems and stress, please talk about it to somebody. Because bottling it up is only a temporary fix, and when that bottle busts open your problems might get a lot worse. Ok now it’s time for my favorite part. One thing to do make you feel better hopefully and help with some of your stressors. Find somewhere that makes you calm whether that is at home in your closet, sitting on the back porch, or even sitting looking out the window find that spot that makes you absolutely calm. Once you find that spot I want you to take a piece of paper and I want you to write down everything that hurts, stresses and/or brings problems into your life, and when you’re done with that I want you to get another piece of paper and write down solutions or ways to create solutions for all of them, and if you can’t think of any that’s ok. Then put those papers somewhere so you can look at them often, and start to visualize yourself completing the solutions you wrote down. I can almost guarantee you will start to feel better. You might even gain new and healthy habits to keep you happy. And when those problems come knocking on your door, you’re not gonna hide from them. You are gonna open that door and you’re gonna invite them in because you know how to handle them. Thank you for your time reading this, if you made it this far. If you didn’t make it this far, I hope you are able to find peace and solutions to your problems, because we all got them. You are loved, and people care about you, so take those and make your world better!

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