A Read For The Better


 Hello readers, if you have read the previous blogs welcome back, and if you are new to the blog, thank you and welcome here. As previously talked about I am taking you on a journey of personal self-development, and healing in my marriage. Together we have learned that the more we do together, the stronger our bond becomes. With that being said we have started working out together, which has been quite a challenge because sometimes after getting home from work we just feel too exhausted to go, but to see results we know that putting in the work is a key part. We have also started praising each other for one thing that we had done during the day, because who doesn’t feel good after being told they did amazing in a situation that their significant other actually noticed! We also have been eating better food for us, which has helped us start losing weight, and give us healthier gut bacteria! Going to a more personal level, I have started listening to audiobooks instead of music. My goal by doing this is to improve my ability to actively listen and increase my vocabulary, so far it has helped slightly, which is still a step in the right direction. I have started holding myself to a higher standard of cleanliness in the household so my wife doesn’t feel like she is the one doing all the work around the house, which helps her be less stressed which is a HUGE plus for our relationship. If you are someone who might be struggling in their relationship, or has done something that they probably regret. It is not too late for your partner and yourself to pick up the pieces and continue along in your journey together. It is not too late for you to personally change yourself for the better, it is a humbling experience if you have put yourself there, but once all is said and done then you will understand how it is worth it. Again thank you for being here and reading my blog, and remember that you are appreciated and that you are able to do anything as long as you have the drive to achieve it.

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