The Beginning

 It all started about four and a half years ago when my wife and I started dating. We were still kids at 18 years old, and still trying to figure ourselves out. We were both ready to end high school and head to college to continue our lives, but the hardest problem was that the next part of our lives would separate us from one side of the U.S. to the other. Like the kids we were, we chose to stay together while living so far apart from each other. What we realized was that from work to school, our long distance relationship was the hardest of all to keep solid. We started fighting more often, breaking up just to get back together, and almost everything that could bring each other down and then back up. After the hard times of that 1st semester with school, work and sports just overwhelming me I dropped out of college and came back home and started working just to have a paycheck while my girlfriend (now wife) was in school still chasing her dreams and going forward. Now after awhile of working and trying to figure myself out still going from dead end job to dead end job I decided to join the military. I know, big surprise, I did what all people joke about doing because they have nowhere to go, but for some reason I knew that it was the right decision for my life and career choice. Now at this point my girlfriend and I have worked out our quirks and we were really comfortable with where we were at as a couple and continued to stay together through it all. After boot camp we got to spend some time together, but the hardest thing was that my girlfriend had just applied and got accepted to study abroad in Australia. After she left for Australia it became almost impossible to talk to each other with her class schedule and my work schedule. At this point, we are again growing distant from each other and our relationship was honestly just crumbling down, and in a moment of weakness I reached out to a woman to have a talk with. Now just because this woman and I didn’t sleep together, I still kept it from my girlfriend and that was wrong. Well until my girlfriend and I got married, I had met with this woman around 3 times. After we got married I was hoping that it would all go away. I had cut ties with this woman, but there are certain things that always come up, and one of those is the truth. Unfortunately, I didn’t tell my wife, she discovered it and I had to confess everything to her and we found out that we didn’t know each other as well as we thought because I had just done the worst thing someone could do to their significant other. And after about a month or more of confessing and apologizing, my wife chose to forgive me and said we could still rebuild our marriage. Now as a man in a marriage under construction, my role was and is to become a better man both mentally and physically. So now, present day us, we are still rebuilding our marriage and I have been growing as a man and learning things I can do to become a better person for me and my wife; whether that be devotional in the morning or evening or talking to more mature men about what to do. From beginning to now, even with all the bumps and heart aches in between I am happy and proud to have a second chance with my wife. Her heart and feelings will always be on my mind and my self development will always be in my eyes. Along this journey that I am on, I hope to achieve mental and physical improvement while building my marriage back up from where it has plummeted. 

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