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A Good Ol Update

  Hello everyone, welcome back if you have been here before and welcome to all the first timers to the page. This blog is to take you through my journey of growth and self development to improve myself as a husband and as a man in general. Last post I talked about how the wife andContinue reading “A Good Ol Update”

A Read For The Better

    Hello readers, if you have read the previous blogs welcome back, and if you are new to the blog, thank you and welcome here. As previously talked about I am taking you on a journey of personal self-development, and healing in my marriage. Together we have learned that the more we do together, theContinue reading “A Read For The Better”

The Day My Life Changed

    My wife and I had been married for around a month, and she had just moved into the house that I was living in before she discovered what had happened. The day my wife discovered that I had cheated on her started out as a normal day. I went to work and she was stillContinue reading “The Day My Life Changed”

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The Beginning

 It all started about four and a half years ago when my wife and I started dating. We were still kids at 18 years old, and still trying to figure ourselves out. We were both ready to end high school and head to college to continue our lives, but the hardest problem was that theContinue reading “The Beginning”

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